Athena helps consulting companies create better customer relationships with high-quality actionable insights.

Our SaaS is the simple, scientific, and strategic way to maximise agency client satisfaction and collaboration.

What is Athena?

Athena is a tool that allows consulting companies to improve their client relationships by using actionable insights.

Emphasis on actionability

The ultimate goal of our service is to provide consulting companies with actionable data on how they can improve the client collaboration.

Incredibly pain-free data collection

We aim to make the data collection as pain-free, fast and easy as possible.

Technology agnostic

Our goal is to come to where you and your team are already spending time, be it Slack, Teams or email.

Easy to use
Actionable insights

I represent an end-client. What's in it for me?

We're glad you asked.

Provide your consulting team with better insights on how they can help you

Unfortunately many consultant-client relationships end poorly. With a better understanding and better insights of what you need your consulting team can service you better.

Have more frequent and systematic check-ins to improve the collaboration

We're all incredibly busy and easily forget to discuss to to improve the working relationship. With Athena you will have more frequent check-ins to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Get a better return on investment from your consulting collaboration

The insights that Athena provides to your consulting team will enable your working relationship to improve. This will results in less hiccups along the way and a higher ROI for your consultant investment.

We're currently in private beta co-developing the service with 3 top agencies in Finland. We aim to launch our service publicly later this year.

Our team

The founders have 10+ years of combined experience working at the interface of consultants and their clients.

Anssi Rantanen

Founder & CEO

  • 6 years working with marketing agencies and their clients at Google and Growth Tribe Academy
  • Scaled the Growth Tribe B2B business in Finland from 0 to 1m in revenue in 3 years
  • One of the leading thought leaders and keynote speakers in Finland in data-driven & learning organisations

Staffan Enberg

Founder & CTO

  • 5 years working at top digital development agency
  • Co-founded the agency Stockholm office and has led sales and recruiting locally
  • Has worked on product development for companies such as HBO, Kesko, Veikkaus and many other leading organisations

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